Yours, Jack (about Jack The Ripper)

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In 1888 there was a string of murders in the London East End, near the Whitechapel region. By the end of the killing spree, (Which could have been as short as three months or as long as ten as few as five.), as many as nineteen women or as few as five would be dead, at the hands of this serial killer. And yet this man was never caught, evidence was lost, and possible I witnesses …

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…to look the other way when it came to the poor and prostitutes, but Jack's escape from justice is not entirely their fault. Police today have modern forensics and parapsychologists to aid in murder investigation. The city police and Scottland Yard had none of these things. If anything Jack's elusion of capture led to the police force rethinking its operations. Someone had to build a better mouse before the police could build a better trap.