Young Offenders Act

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One of the biggest questions in modern society has been this: How do you treat juvenile Delinquents? Over the last century the answer to this question has been approached in different ways. The Juvenile Delinquents Act, passed in 1908, lasted until 1982 when the Young Offenders Act replaced it. Under these Acts the children were held solely responsible for their crimes. Now parents are going to be held responsible under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. In society’…

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…whether or not the mind of the young offender has enough sense to know what is right or wrong. Juvenile crimes will never be completely stopped, but there needs to be something done to considerably lower the numbers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** Works Cited Dickinson, Gregory, et al. Understanding the Law second ed. Toronto: McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited, 1996. Beaubien, Free Press Reporters. “O’Brien pans parents’ jail bid.” ­­­­The London Free Press March 7th 1999, natl. ed.: A1,A2.