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Hawthorne’s Fight vs. Good and Evil My first reading of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s ‘Young Goodman Brown’ gave the impression that he was trying to portray a central character's loss of faith and spiritual tragedy. Rereading, however, reveals a more complex set of ideas. There were revelations that neither fully condemn nor condone the constructed dicing of good and evil that he utilizes over the course of Goodman Brown's journey. Hawthorne had much more in …

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…one possible outcome of a strict Puritan standard which does not allow for a middle ground. Hawthorne seems to say that good and evil as absolute circumstances are neither preferable nor realistic. His use of this character, who is unable to function within an absolute version of changing concepts, is more about the effects that exist in between these two circumstances, than it is about a statement on outlining a definition of "proper" human behavior.