Young Goodman Brown

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In comparing and contrasting the stories “Worn Path” and “Young GoodMann Brown”. Several things come to mind . We see that both authors use a lot of symbolism as well as foreshadowing. Also, Both stories take place in the forest or along a path. In the story “Worn Path” the author makes use of symbolism in diffident ways. The most obvious example is that the path, itself , symbolizes the old women. She is desc- ribed as …

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…to the evil that is to follow. A another example is when the old woman speaks of how hard the path is to travel. This lets us know that she will face many hardship along the way. In conclusion, the stories “Worn Path” and “Young GoodMan Brown” contain numerous like similarities and differences. One could interpret these in many different ways. However the stories seem to share more likenesses than differed . Bibliography English Lit. book