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Book Title: Yon Ill Wind Author: Piers Anthony Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton Copyright Date: 1996 Number of Pages: 316 HTML1DocumentEncodingutf-8First encounters with Xanth are always astonishing for people from the Mundane world - and the Baldwin family are flabbergasted when a storm sweeps them into this magical new world. The same storm that threatens to blow all Xanth away as she sweeps up magic dust and becomes magical... The demon X(A/N)th has …

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…tear he goes to a thimble plant to wait for someone or something to come by. When a creature comes by he hides behind a boulder and uses up his one minute of speach to tell the creature he will do anything that it pleasesand will accompany it for a while. Well after he becomes mute he looks up to find a lady by the name of Chlorine. She asks what X(A/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**