Wrong always.

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Wrong always Don't. I will not cry I will stay impassive, untouched, unhurt. I will never let the tears betray me. I will not let anyone get any satisfaction of seeing me hurt. But...I cry. Silent hot tears roll down my cheeks. It's okay. No one will see. No one can see. My head is bowed low. My long hair screens my face. My hair is my shield. The tears on my cheek freeze, …

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…love, but she won't have heard. I know it. If only. Never should have hesitated. Like a lost child I stare out of the window. My eyes reflect back my heart. It didn't shatter, but it did lose something. I press my hand to my face; my hand is stiff with cold. I think as the rain stops, that I see a single tear slide down a window that has not been touched with rain.