World War two

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55 years on, memories of World War 2 World 2 is one of the most tragic event ever occur in the human history. Fifty-Five years has past since, today we look back into history with Mr.M.Blakeney James who was eleven at the time of war and now seventy years old retired aerospace engineer. War was declared on Germany on September 3 1939. At the time he live at Clive Lane, Filton, about five miles north of the center …

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…his neighbor because he is starving for chocolate! Government introduced varies kind of bonds for the war effect, and the whole community fell in to a war of saving resources for the war. Mr.M.Blakeney goes on and on about the war, but my time is running short. So I just have to close down my computer and ready for school. I really wish I could get another chance on interviewing him. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**