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Archaeological survey of the submerged hulk of ARIZONA in 1983, 1984, 1986, and 1987 has determined that the battleship lies at a five to ten degree list to port and, while intact, readily evidences the severity of her battle damage. The hull just aft of the bow is distorted and cracked from gunwale to keel on the port side and nearly so on the starboard side, indicating the bow was either nearly blown off or has since settled and …

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…a glancing blow by a bomb, and according to one survivor who was standing on the turret when it was hit, "it scooped out the side of the turret with a big mound of molten steel." Another feature aft is the mount for the observation plane's catapult at the stern. the original casemates for the 5-inch/51- caliber guns line the stern quarter; at the stern itself the raised letters forming ARIZONA's name are present.