Women in the Military

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Tamara Gamboni-Short 1 ENGL 111 Meg Pennington October 2, 2000 Women in the Military: Combat Roles When I think about women in combat, I think about the days of the Revolutionary War, women helping their husbands to load cannons or I think about the army nurses who played vital roles overseas during the Vietnam conflict. I also think about women Helicopter pilots providing air support to our soldiers and sailors during Operation Desert Storm. Twenty years ago when I …

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…or conflict in a combat role I would have no problem following the orders given to me. However, if given an ultimatum, I would stay back and support the soldiers from the rear. Gamboni-Short 12 Works Cited Defense Almanac OCT 2000 Government Executive March 1999 Minerva Spring 1994, by Jake Willens GAO Report, July 1996 Army, March 1994 Army Times, July 29, 1996 CDI Newsletter, CDIís Policy on the Service of Men and Women in the U.S. Military, 28 Jan 98 Bibliography 4 References