Witchcraft Hysteria

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The Puritans attitudes along with the stresses of daily life had an effect on the witchcraft hysteria. The Puritans believed that anything done for pleasure or fun was witchcraft. The people accused of being witches were really not witches, most of them were probably trying to get away from the life they lived. People caught dancing or singing were thought to be witches. Puritans thought that when people were singing or dancing that they were …

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…fire they were bringing the devil to them. Even if the fire was being used to cook, the person was still accused of being a witch. The Puritans attitudes changed the way they lived a lot. They were worried that the Devil was going to ruin their faith or control their lives. If all the Puritans were to believe that there were no witches, then many innocent people would have been saved from dying young.