William Wordsworth View of How "The World is Too Much With Us".

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William Wordsworth View of How "The World is Too Much With Us" During the late eighteenth century, the Industrial Revolution was born. The Industrial Revolution was the beginning of an industrialized economy in which machines were developed to facilitate the mass production of clothes and other textiles; the Industrial Revolution changed the world. Even though, the birth of the Industrial Revolution changes the world, however, a poet, William Wordsworth objects to this new change. He …

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…Although a poet, Wordsworth expresses his views of the world. With his passion for nature, Wordsworth disapproved the Industrial Revolution in which mass production uses large amounts of raw materials. He describes his perception of the world, his perception of how the world ought to be, and his perception of the future in his poem "The World is Too Much With Us." His view of the world then, reflects the view of the world today.