Why Limp Bizkit is NOT Heavy Metal

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Why Limp Bizkit Is Not Heavy Metal If a person were to view any classic talented Heavy Metal band, it would be apparent that, the band, Limp Bizkit, is in no way resembling a Heavy Metal band. Limp Bizkit is clearly a Rap band and not a Heavy Metal band. First, the band members behave like Rappers. Secondly, their music and vocal style is of heavy resemblance to Rap. Finally, all their song lyrics reek …

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…to say that Limp Bizkit is Rap and not Heavy Metal. In conclusion, Limp Bizkit is Rap and NOT Heavy Metal. This is true, because the band members behave and dress like Rappers. Plus, their music and vocal style is parallel to Rap. And finally, Limp Bizkit is Rap because of all the common Rapper lingo that they utilize. For these reasons, the band's nomination for "Best Heavy Metal Album" should be revoked. Thank you.