Who really killed Santiago Nasar??

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The central action which shapes Chronicle of a Death Foretold, by Gabriel García Marques, is the foretold murder of a twenty-one year old aristocrat, Santiago Nasar, by the Vicario brothers in legitimate defense of their sister's honor. The long range of effects of this murder on the citizens of the small Latin American town in which it occurs, and their unspoken involvement in the crime itself, are revealed in the course of the narrator's …

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…reveals an entire society in which religion and law appear ineffectual in providing a moral framework to guide and protect its citizens. Chronicle of a Death Foretold comes into contact with an action that has far reaching effects on an entire community. This novella shows the complexity of the forces that not only bring about the murder of Santiago Nasar, but that influence the behavior of all those in the society that the murder occurs.