White Lilacs by Carolyn Meyer

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White Lilacs by Carolyn Meyer         I predict that . . . the Jefferson family will have many more harsh times ahead. I think this because they are already struggling to bring home enough money to get by. And I also think that Henrys attitude will get him in trouble and put more stress on the family.         If this was a movie I'd title it . . . Freedom, unless it was narrated then I would use White Lilacs because you would …

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…be a park but rig it so that only property owners can vote. this gives about three to one odds for the park.                  The decision is made and the town buys the properties of Freedom at a fraction of their worth, and moves the houses in freedom to another part of town.         There is a brief overview of the rest of Rose Lees life, and trails off talking about of her grandfathers prized white lilac.