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I Situation Analysis <Tab/> Industry Whirlpool Corporation is a worldwide manufacturer and marketer of home appliances. It manufactures and markets mainly appliances and appliance-related products, primarily for home use. The Company has manufacturing plants in 13 countries, and is also an owner of eleven brand names. Whirlpool sends its products to distributors and retailers in more than 170 countries. Its principal products are laundry appliances, refrigerators and freezers, cooking appliances, dishwashers, and other …

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…and ordering capabilities for retailers. Eventually, the company would like to add the capability for repair facilities to submit invoices for work completed to receive payment. One-half of sales from retailers were generated from the Internet in 2000. Whirlpool acquired manufacturing facilities in Mexico and in Poland in 2002. Local Whirlpool companies are still fulfilling market niches in their own regions. The company also hopes in incorporate IT strategy into its overall business strategy in the future.