What was the Apec Riot about

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An estimated 8,000 students rallied outside the Indonesian parliament in what was the largest protest against president B.J. Habibie since he took office in May after demonstrations and social unrest forced former president Suharto to step down. Jean Chretien invited the President of Indonesia to attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum which is the primary regional vehicle for promoting open trade and practical economic cooperation. In a letter of Oct. 3, 1997, Chretien told Suharto ''I have …

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…Peppers inauguration. She once again refuses to awnser any questions about APEC. November 7, 1997-- In support of the Halloween arrestees, students present a mock trial in front of Koeporate Library and 'Chalk it up' around Koerner Plaza and again on the windows at the atrium. November 22, 1997--Four students arrested for camping outside the Museum. November 25, 1997--Approximately 3000 students and non students gather at the Goddess of Democracy to listen to speeches, music and watch street theatre.