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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report aims to familiarize and to provide an understanding of Technology Assessment both in its past and present form. Its different viewpoints, approaches, tools and methods, which are all relevant to the engineering decision-maker and analyst alike, are discussed. The four different Technology Assessment paradigms as described by Eijnhoven (1997) along with the views of lecturers in this subject on the question "What is Technology Assessment? ", is also discussed and analysed. By understanding …

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…forms during this era and is varied through each individual and/or organisation. It has an enormous impact on my future as a practising engineer. REFERENCES Taylor, Elizabeth. 2000 "48270 Technology Assessment Study Guide Notes s2000" 1, Freeman, Christopher, 1995. "Preface to Managing Technology in Society". Managing Technology and Society, 1995, p. ix. Pinter Publishers Eijnhoven, Josee Van 1997 "Technology Assessment : Product or Process?" Technological Forecasting and Social Change, vol 54 Biswas, Wahidul 2000 "Socio-Technical Design in Mechanical Engineering" Resource Presentation 2000 Holland, Bro