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What is a homesteader? Well, a homesteader was a person like you or me. They were not cowboys like many people say. Homesteaders left their homes for a specific reason. These reasons are looked at on page 3. But no matter what their reason, the main thing is they were leaving their homes. They went on a very long and hard journey, and many did not make it to their destination. Homesteaders were people who left …

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…to have separate things from the whites, such as restaurants, schools, or even water fountains. Who was Jim Bridger? Many people do not know who he is. Jim Bridger was a famous homesteader. When he got to the West he started hunting and trapping. He was one of the best hunters and trappers ever. He built Fort Bridger which was a place for homesteaders to stay for the winter or just to get some rest.