Weep Not Child by Ngugi

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Question #2 - What are some issues particular to the society in question and how are those issues expressed by the author? Ngugi's novel, Weep Not Child, is one of hope and of opposition. It opens up to address issues particular to the society. The purpose of this essay is to analyze the issues addressed in the text, and show how the issues are expressed by the author. Ngugi uses parallelism and contrasting images as a …

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…It is ironic how the Indians are also colored, yet people treat them with more respect then to the blacks. There are four main issues addressed in the text that is asserted by the author, the issue of education, family structure, land, and racial tension. Each issue is expressed by the author in a disorganized way. Ngugi composed Weep Not, Child in a disorder way to express how chaotic everything was by jumbling the scenes.