Wedding Day

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Racism has been an issue addressed for thousands of years and it continues to be prevalent today. Unfortunately, in many cases, racism affects the way people live on a day-to-day basis. Gwendolyn Bennett, in Wedding Day, creates a short story that addresses racism through the eyes of Paul Watson. Bennett, through the use of imagery, reveals how racism dictates the way Paul Watson lives his life. Paul Watson flees the United States in refuge from …

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…man who eventually gives way to his racist feelings when he falls in love with a white American woman. Mary represents all the reasons he despises white Americans. Bennett uses imagery to show us how Paul lets racism dictate how he will live his life. Bibliography Bennett, Gwendolyn. Wedding Day. 1926. Ed. David L. Lewis. New York:Penguin Books USA Inc., 1994. Stovall, Tyler. Harlem-Sur-Seine: Building an African American Diasporic Community in Paris. Stanford electronic Humanities Review 5.2 (1997).