We Were Not Alone

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In the past decade there has been a heated debate going on about how humans evolved. Is everyone related to one ancestral “Eve”? Or did Homo sapiens radiate out of Africa and develop in different quadrants of the world? The latter has much more substantial evidence consisting of actual bones and fossils, where as the idea of Eve is based purely on biological evidence that may have many sources of error. There are two principal …

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…the explanation of human evolution. Though the best explanation for hominid speciation would be to combine the two theories allowing the pros of each idea to shine through and make for the most accurate hypothesis. Works Cited “Mitochondrial Eve: Wounded, but not Dead Yet.” Science. 14 Aug. 1993: 873. Suplee, Curt. “2 human species coexisted.” News and Observer. 16 Dec 1996, Final ed.: A,30. Petit, Charles. “Primitive Species May Have Lived Among Modern Humans.” San Fransisco Chronicle. 16 Dec 1996, Final ed.: A, 4.