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Wayne Gretzky Like any sport, hockey is a game with a varied cast of characters. Hockey teams are composed of grinders, blue liners, solid goal scorers, netminders, and superstars. They each have their own role to play in the winter drama, but no one played their role so well as Number 99, Wayne Gretzky. Unlike several goal scorers, Wayne has shown consistency of the past 20 years have his hockey career, he has become the highest goal …

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…and the game of hockey," Personally I feel that Wayne Gretzky should have retired in or around 1995, before he lost his flare. Although he was and still is the best hockey player to ever strap on skates, he was getting obvious that he was older. He began to slow down, and he passes were not as crisp. But still I am sure any team would love to have him because of his talent and experience.