Was the fall of the Habsburg Empire Inevitable.

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Was the collapse of the Habsburg Empire an inevitable one? Was the downfall of such a once great state actually pre-determined by a culmination of factors? Or was the sole cause of the demise of Austria-Hungary simply a war too great for the empire to sustain (that of the first world war)? These are questions which really can be argued either way. In his article, "The Healthy Invalid: How Doomed the Habsburg Empire?", Joachim Remak …

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…Austria-Hungary was not very directly involved in the battle; Prussia was the main enemy of the allied forces (Remak, 142). Despite that fact, Austria-Hungary suffered some of the greatest losses of the war. Losing territory, inhabitants, pride.. and their empire altogether. Something which without the war, likely would not have occurred. For that reason, Imust agree with Remaks conclusion that it was in fact merely the war which led to the collapse of the Habsburg Empire.