War Planes

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WAR PLANES From the noisy biplanes to the undetected stealth bombers of today, aircraft’s of war have drastically evolved at an amazing pace. From just starting out as reconnaissance for the land battle, planes are now used for reconnaissance, fighters, fortresses, and bombers. Airplanes turned into fighter planes with a simple hand pistol, now the planes are using 20 mm. machine guns.(Fighter) The weapons of airplanes have greatly changed. The 8 cylinder engines of World …

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…built during World War 2. Planes have been a big difference in wars. Without planes who knows who would of won the Second World War without the dropping of the Atom bomb. So what kind of planes will be used in the next century, will there even be planes or will there be some kind of UFO type aircraft used in wars to come? We will just have to wait and wonder what will be next.