"Walking Proof" Lewis Lapham's point of view in his essay "School Bells".

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Lewis Lapham argues that the modern education system is ineffective due to the commercialization of the classroom. He states that such programs as Channel One and Zapme! hinder student's abilities to learn. His belief is that a two minute commercial break from a ten minute news program is far too great a cost in exchange for the funding that channel one gives to the school districts that air their programming. On the other hand, Earl …

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…any other school I've ever attended. The teachers there wanted to see their students succeed thus, they put in extra hours tutoring each student as to strengthen their confidence in each subject. Most people think that a school such as that is filled with delinquents, and while that is partially true, the majority of those delinquents when given the opportunity and the tools needed to succeed did just that. After all I am walking proof.