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Frank 1 Throughout the late tenth century in Scandinavia, many societies were adversely affected by the spread of Christianity. The Vikings were traditionally a pagan community believing in many gods and heathen rituals, such as human and material sacrifice. Through the influence of powerful Christian rulers many Vikings did convert to Christianity during the tenth century. Some converted from their heathen ways by choice and others were forced to except these ideas or be killed by …

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…what the Vikings had expected. Although it was a battle between good and evil, it was not a Ragnarok or an Armageddon. It did not clearly distinguish any winner or loser. The only thing apocalyptic about the new millennium was that leaders like Olaf Trygvesson had made a name for Christianity and it has spread throughout the world ever since. How Swede it is, to be a Christian Viking Marty Frank T.A. David Lunt