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Vittorio De Sica was one of the most well known directors and actors in his time. He directed 34 films and starred in over 150 movies. De Sica was born in Sora, Italy on July 7th, 1902. He was raised in Naples, Italy where he worked as an office clerk in order to support his family. At an early age, De Sica was fascinated with acting and movies. This fascination led him to make his first screen appearance …

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…audiences believed that De Sica has lost his touch and that his career was over. De Sica starred in a couple of unpopular films in the 1960s like "Caccia alla Volpe," "Sette Volte Donna," and "Girasoli." In 1971, he won another Academy Award for "Il Giardino dei Finzi-Contini." De Sica died in Paris on November 13, 1974 due to surgical complications. Vittorio De Sica was regarded as the one of the best actors and directors in his time.