Views of death in John Donne's poetry

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VIEWS of DEATH in DONNE'S POETRY John Donne's complex personality plays an important role in his poetry. His intellect, and as a result his work, demonstrates various opinions that at times conflict or agree with each other. These opposing views represent one of the facinating aspects of his poetry. Seldom is this divergence presented as clearly and frequently as in the theme of death , as will be illustrated by the following essay. As with most …

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…It is safe to assume he did not fear death in the conventional manner, for he believed i n the concept of an afterlife. His faith in Christian theology calmed those fears and doubts , but at times he searched for answers to questions abaut death , answers that had no explanation. For this reason, his poetry is highly paradoxical, a quality that only adds to its richness and attractiveness, much to the delight of its readers.