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Throughout the Vietnam era hardships and tragedy plagued the area of Vietnam. This immoral war left the Unites States with resentment, but not in its fullest form because the war was an experience that anyone who visited Vietnam would never forget. Immoral acts were regularly presented during the war, thus, exposing people to a different would other that their own. My Great Uncle Tommy, a Veteran, was in Vietnam for about six months, his experience …

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…have been in the war, things could have been handled differently. We were all given orders, but only half the U.S. ever heard of” (VI2000). Even though tragedy, death, misfortune, communism, and murderers swept through Vietnam, above all it was an immoral war that need not be done. If Vietnam had a communism take over, only half of the people who died in the Vietnam war probably would still be living today. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**