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The Victorious United States When the dust had settled and the carnage had been cleared away, all of Europe stood as the losers of the First World War, only the United States emerge victorious. I believe that this statement is true. At the turn of the century, Americans mainly focused on domestic issues. Washington had warned the United States about avoiding European entanglements, and for the most part people still agreed with him. Europe and …

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…to the European countries. The bodies of millions of men inthe trenches made the environment horrendous and unbearable. (Duiker & Spielvogel892-893) The Europeans had a great amount of reconstruction to do after the war not theUS. In conclusion in comparison to European countries, the United States emergedvictorious from the World War I. However it was not a total victory for the US becausemillions of lives were lost and billions of dollars had been wasted. (Garraty 1820)