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One of the very popular and very successful utopian communities was the Oneida Community, which can be categorized as an economic community. Oneida community was started by a man named John Humphrey Noyes, in 1848 and it dissolved in 1880. In January of 1849 the Community had 87 members; 172 by February of 1850; and one year later the number was approximately 205. In 1875 there were 298 members, and a total of 306 at the time of breakup. Noyes was an American social reformer, …

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…so they did. Amidst all the changes, no new leader emerged. Slowly, the group disintegrated. In 1880, plans for dissolution were drawn up, and on the first of January, 1881, the Oneida Community was no more. The Oneida company still exists; but it has narrowed its activities from manufacturing of steel traps and silk and the canning of fruits and vegetables to the manufacture of the fine plated and sterling silverware, for which itís known now.