Uses drug war politics to outline the sociological theory of how "private troubles" become "social issues"

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How "Private Troubles" Become "Public Issues" Drug use has been a part of most likely every society since the since drugs were first discovered. Marijuana use has been traced back as far back as the 2727 B.C. when it was used by the Chinese as medicine for a gamut of different ailments (Henslin, pg. 89). Tobacco was first discovered by western civilization when Christopher Columbus found Native Americans smoking the leaves of this ominous plant upon …

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…done to change the situation. This problem has developed over many years, and continues to head towards stiffer punishment and less reasonable drug policy. Unless someone can somehow change the subjective views of an entire nation, the drug policy will not change, and unless the drug policy changes, the objective aspects such as crime and poverty will not change. I predict that this problem will continue to tear the nation apart, starting with the family.