User Friendly in Childhoods End

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Elliot D Nielsen ENGL 330 Prof. Huff 10/19/00 User Friendly in Childhood’s End In Arthur C. Clarke’s novel Childhood’s End, people or beings use each other for selfish reasons. Sometimes it is subtle, even subconscious; other times it is a blatant usage. Three obvious examples occur and kind of chase each other around in a triangular fashion. 1) The Overlords use humans/humanity. 2) The Overmind uses humans. 3) The Overmind uses the Overlords. Humans also attempt …

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…the implementation of their harvesting process. In a similar way the Overmind uses the human race. In its higher power of existence, it preys off of colonies of beings. The Overmind continues to search for more overall power, maybe? Whatever its reasons are, with regard to human morals, the Overmind uses humanity’s last offspring to further the development of its being. Bibliography Works Cited Clarke, Arthur C. Childhood’s End. New York: Ballantine Books, 1953.