United States V. Nixon

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UNITED STATES V. NIXON (1974) Historical Context- President Richard M. Nixon was being charged of trying to cover up the Watergate incident. Watergate was and still is the headquarters for the Democratic Party. Some of Nixon’s men broke into the complex and tried to wire tap the telephones. However, the bread in went bad. So, they went in the second time but this time they were caught by a security guard. They were taken to …

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…rid o a bad President is worth the risk of taking away the Immunity Privilege away from the President. One Judge spoke out and gave his opinion. Justice Warren E. Burger wrote, “Nowhere in the Constitution ... is there any explicit reference to a privilege of Confidentiality,” he also said, “yet to the extent this interest relates to the effective discharge of a President’s powers, it is constitutionally based.” (The Supreme Court A to Z.)