United States Attack And Ballistic Nuclear Submarines

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United States Attack And Ballistic Nuclear Submarines The United States Navy has developed, over the years into one of the world’s most powerful forces. The nuclear submarine is one of the major components responsible for achieving this status. The nuclear submarine has evolved over time, in design, construction, and weapons, to become the most feared deterrence force ever. Tom Clancy, a well-known author and naval expert, describes nuclear attack submarines (SSN’s) in an …

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…the fleet, a commissioning date is decided. These commissioning ceremonies usually take place in Groton, Connecticut or Norfolk, Virginia. It is evident that submarines have developed into better and more complex machines over the years. These submarines and their crews protect the "homeland" of the United States of America against anyone threatening to invade or attack. The United States Navy, because of these superior submarines is touted as the most powerful fleet in the world.