Uniforms: Problem Solver or Problem Causer? This is a persuasive essay, stating facts and ideas that uniforms should not be mandatory in schools.

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Walking down a crowded hall in a public school, one can see something that is very important: diversity. Slowly but surely, this privilege is being taken away. Ever since President Clinton proposed mandatory uniforms, there have been some major opinion clashes; from both parents and students. In the following paragraphs, it will become very clear that school uniforms cause more problems than they solve. Schools are always promoting diversity. Enforcing dress codes such as uniforms …

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…are many pros to school uniforms, it is quite clear that students are better off without. Students need to be able to express themselves freely. Students, however, are not the only ones who object to this proposed policy. Many parents are trying their best to fight this unfair dress code, also. Unfortunately, this issue will continue to be under debate until a solution for school violence is discovered. Hopefully that discovery will come very soon.