Understanding Change within Western Society from Roman Times to the Time of Charlemagne through Art

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Artists, like writers and social activists, are affected by their surroundings. Therefore, the work that they produce is also extremely affected by the existing society. Political, moral, economical, and religious views of a period are frequently themes in artwork, whether they are symbolic or obvious. The styling and technique that is used depicts and is a result of the ongoing era. When thematic issues and styles undergo drastic transformations, it can be understood that it …

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…belief in fate or the inevitable. Their heroes like Siegfried and Beowulf, struggle against a pagan world of dreadful monsters (Gardner, 321)." These negative emotions are visible in the Germanic portrayl of Saint Matthew. The artistic changes that developed from the Roman Empire to the time of Charlemagne were extraordinary because so many different techniques and themes were practiced. These dramatic variations in art are undoubtedly resulted from the drastic changes with in the Western Society.