Tyndale and the Bible

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Tyndale, William c.1494-1536. William Tyndale was probably born in Gloucestershire. He became chaplain in the house of Sir John Walsh in about 1521. He had studied at both Oxford and Cambridge and was a strong supporter of the movement for reform in the Church. His opinions involved him in controversy with his fellow clergymen and about 1522 he was actually summoned before the Chancellor of the Diocese of Worcester on a charge of heresy. He left …

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…literally read to pieces. Tyndale's life and labour has not been in vain, his Bible was given to his countrymen. His Bible has influenced on other versions, what makes his Bible so successful is his language, his cadence, his short sentences. They give the text a melody, rhythm, until then unknown. Hailed as the patriarch of the English language and literature. According to Daniell (1994) Tyndale achieved for the English language what Newton did for physics.