Tuesdays with Morrie

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Tuesdays with Morrie Summary This book is an intriguing description of an old mans battle with death. More specifically that man is suffering from Lou Gehrigís disease or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS); a disease that affects the neurological system. There is no cure for this disease, and the only good that can come out of having it is the chance to say goodbye. The chance to educate people on the meaning of life and …

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…in his bed, almost like he had planned it that way. This is probably one of the best books Iíve ever read. The lessons you learn just by reading the book are tremendous. Morrie is a great professor, even after his death, as this book proves to be true. I know Iíll never forget this book and the numerous lessons it has taught me. Life is a precious thing, live for the now.