Triumph of the Will

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Germany, after the loss in World War I, was characterized by terribly difficult times; a depression that lasts until the rise of Adolf Hitler. The idea of the great Fuhrer, the name Hitler gave to himself, came into common language when Hitler gained complete control over Germany. The fearless leader gave optimism to a country in dyer need of something, anything uplifting. The idea of the great leader was very evident in the film, Triumph …

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…people to follow him fueled this national feeling. The German people branded together, lead by their fearless leader, the Fuhrer. Triumph of the Will showed all this very clearly, as the people crowded around, joining together to listen Hitler, all working together to once again make Germany great. The people worked together, "in the bogs, quarries, in the sandpits, on the dikes of the North Sea" for the one thing they all believed in, Germany.