Trends of Life in US between 1865-1900

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Trends of Life in US between 1865-1900 During the years 1865-1900 the USA experienced unprecedented growth and change which transformed the nation from a minor agricultural-based country to the number one industrial power in the world. No area of American life escaped the impact of the massive change and some areas benefited more than others did. Railroad tracks were being hammered into the ground all across the USA, which pushed settlement to start flourishing in …

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…of the negative doings could have been eliminated. The acts that were done and the people that were hurt by them is something that now, as Americans, we have to take the ridicule and criticism from the rest of the world and from those even in our own nation. Since being successful was more important then culture, religion, health and life in general then; it has also made that the center of our society today.