Trench Warfare

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The trenches were not a pleasant place to be. There was always gun firing, or bomb shells flying by. It was horrible, all the screams of comrades and enemies, pleading for saviors. Sleepless night, the fear of an attack always running in the soldiers heads. The trenches used to be full water after rain; the water level was sometimes up to the soldier's knees. This caused, after the water started running through the soil, the …

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…were no disposal areas, but the parapet. There were always rats nibbling on the dead human flesh, and the smell of blood was always in the air, it wasn't a pleasant place at all. To conclude the trenches where used for defense reasons which protected many harmless people from harm. Apparently, the Germans never got through the French trenches due to the Canadian soldiers. The Canadians were the most proud hero fights of that generation.