Traditional Ballads

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I have decided to compare ‘The Dying Cowboy’ and ‘The three Ravens’ the reason I choose these two poems is because they have both a similar subject death! ‘The Dying Cowboy’ is about a cowboy who as he is walking down the road meets another cowboy who is rapped in white linen I spied a poor cowboy all wrapped in white linen The Dying Cowboy line 3 This line to me says the cowboy is already …

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…poem ends by the women burying him and then the poem goes on to say: God send every gentleman Such hounds, such hawks and such a leman! The Three Ravens Line 19-20 This puts a happy end to the poem as it says may every one be fortunate to have such good allies this would have put the audience in a good mood as the poem reader is wishing them a good friends and pets.