To Say or Not to Say Letters and Letter Writing As Seen in Pride and Prejudice

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To Say or Not to Say: Letters and Letter Writing As Seen in Pride and Prejudice Quite frequently in her novels, Jane Austen uses letter writing between characters to explain past events and the exact nature of people’s roles in them. It is these letters that always offer great insight into a character’s true nature; which, often times, is not what it appears to be. It is this tactic that is consistently prevalent …

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…the sincere qualities of his persona that had never before been seen. And Mrs. Gardiner’s letter did illustrate traits we had seen before, but also helped Elizabeth to figure out how she felt about Mr. Darcy. Whatever each letter accomplished, they are all critical to the structure of the novel. For without them, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth would have never gotten together, and neither character’s pride nor prejudice would ever have been realized.