To Kill A Mockingbird (by Harper Lee) essay about Jem and Scouts relationship with Boo Radley

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Jem + Scouts Relationship with Boo Radley Jem and Scout have quite a strange relationship with Boo Radley. Jem and Scout are very interested in the life of Boo Radley and because of Boo leaving gifts in the knot hole I think that Boo is interested in the life of Jem and Scout too. Jem and Scout often get into trouble because of their active imaginations. They always play games about Boo even though this is …

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…pennies, a ball of grey twine, soap with two images carved in them, a pocket watch and an aluminium knife. Mr Radley (Boo's father) filled up the pot hole though, much to Jem and Scouts disappointment. I think that Mr Radley filled up the pothole because Boo's friends got him into trouble when Boo was younger and he is scared that if he becomes friends with Jem and Scout they will get Boo into trouble.