To Judge a Book by its Cover

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To Judge a Book by its Cover For as long as the quill has been able to catch thoughts on paper, writers have created socially disturbing material. Years ago, the acceptability of a book was either met by beheading the writer, or honoring him with a seat at the queen’s table. How times have changed. America, home to freedom of intellect, speech, and expression, has created an environment that allows objectionable material within easy …

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…of America's children from the gutters of America’s libraries. Works Cited American Library Association. Library Bill of Rights. Washington: ALA Council, 1948. General Assembly of the United Nations. Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Resolution 217, A (III). Washington: General Assembly, 1998. Norton, Kyle. “Lesson Learned From Littleton.” Rocky Mountain News 17 June 1999, National Column.: A1-A3. Outline I. Introduction Define Issue II. Reason and Support of Position III. Reason and Support of Position IV. Opposing Argument V. Conclusion