To Fee or Not to Fee

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Like the old saying goes, "The best things in life are free." digital media is no exception. Digital media has lately been getting attention due to the legal accusations on a certain type of digital media, MP3s. MP3 stands for Mpeg (a common file compression format) audio layer 3 (which means it compresses any audio into 3 layers for about 1/15th the size). The lawsuits that have been springing up lately contain two arguments. In one …

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…has gone up 500 million dollars more than expected. I think, if the music industry lets napster live and the enthusiasm keeps pouring enthusiasm into music more and more, the music industry will probably go up three million (or so) dollars next year and more the next. Bibliography Works Cited: Time magazine: “Reinventing Rock.” October 9, 2000 Time magazine: “Meet the Napster.” October 2, 2000 Wired magazine: “Napster upends musical trade.” October 7, 2000 http:\ “The Napster age.” October 10, 2000