To An Athlete Dying Young

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Analysis of A. E. Housman’s “To an Athlete Dying Young” Dying young is considered by most to be one of the most tragic of fates. The specter of things undone and a life unlived haunts the funeral and colors the grief to an even darker shade. Most people desire to live to a ripe old age and would be shocked to have a premature death viewed in a positive light. Yet, this is exactly …

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…Athlete Dying Young" suggests that life is short and glory is even shorter. A way out of this trap is to do a great deed and then slip away from this world unnoticed. Glories have a short duration and records are quickly broken. So the only alternative is to depart before glories wither and records are bettered. Works Cited Housman, A. E. “To an Athlete Dying Young”. An Introduction to Literature. 11th Edition. Sylvan Barnet