Title : To Understand the Situation In Which Package Based Software Can Contribute To Greater Efficiency and effectiveness

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The software package, which I have used in my tutorial, is Microsoft Word. In my tutorial I have explained to the user how to use the following Microsoft Word facilities: - ØUnderstanding your Microsoft Assistant ØTemplates ØMail Merge ØMacros ØUsing Styles ØCreating Business Cards Microsoft Word is a word processor, which has the ability to add, delete, move, and copy individual characters, sentences, or even entire paragraphs within a document. In this way, changes in …

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…line, which is very expensive. However they may be able to find the solution to their problem simply by using the Microsoft office assistant. I have also shown how to hide the Microsoft office until you need to use it. As you can see from the above points that I have given how using a package based software such as Microsoft Word can contribute to the greater efficiency and effectiveness to a small business environment.