Time's Oldest Debate.

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Time's Oldest Debate According to recent studies, planet earth formed approximately four and a half billion years ago. Since then, the earth has undergone many evolutionary changes. Earth began as a swirling gas which condensed to create an immense land mass. The ancient earth was basically the same as today's earth except for the environment. The atmosphere of the ancient earth was quite different, containing more carbon and nitrogen gases than oxygen. The former atmosphere …

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…fact? Humans could believe the mythical god, Zeus, created mankind! It's a sad truth, but creationism is a relic in a world where the concept of evolution logically explains the origin of mankind.         Works Cited Campbell, Neil A. Biology Third Edition. California: The Benjamin/Cummings         Publishing Company, Inc., 1993. The Living Bible: Paraphrased. 1971 ed. Wheaton, Illinois: Tyndale House Publishers,         1971. Wertheim, Margaret. 'Science and Religion: Blurring the Boundaries.' Omni Publications International, Ltd. October 1994: 36. Religion: SIRS, Vol. 4. 77.